Meet Our Team

Lesser Known Comics is a brand-new indie comic book publisher with writers and artists all over the U.S., Argentina, and Spain. 

Mark Bernal


Mark Bernal grew up near Oakland, CA and spent the last 17 years serving in the military. During 2020, he began working with various illustrators to create the first pages of Lesser Known Comics. Since then, Lesser Known Comics has grown to a fourteen person company with writers and artists in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, California, and Washington (as well as artists in Argentina and Spain).

Briana Borgella

Project Manager

Briana Borgella is both a creative and all business with her creative side including a self-published children’s book, Ziggy & Tiggy, and her 3 small businesses of which are personal assistance, ‘Task Queen, LLC’, a specialty event rental business, ‘Htown Event Rentals’, and her fitness classes, ‘FitFam’. Briana currently lives in Houston, Texas, where she enjoys in her free time exploring the city, enjoying the outdoors, staying active with fitness & boxing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Charlie Ragnorok


Charlie is a completely human, totally not evil, illustrator. Working mostly digitally, Charlie brings a traditional art background to modern mediums. She combines subject matter and imagery that sometimes seems dissonant, like cute and creepy, sexy and scary, or even funny and grotesque. Somehow, through totally not eldritch or unholy means, she makes it work.

Franco Luna


Franco Luna is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Mendoza, Argentina and serves as Illustration professor at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Franco has drawn for major wine industry companies, and his art is displayed on wines and spirits’ labels anywhere from Mendoza to the old continent. He is co-author with Blas Bigatti of Burning Need, published on David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly and an artist at Lesser Known Comics.

Andrea Pescosolido


Andrea Pescosolido is an award winning illustrator and comic book artist based in San Diego. His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators of New York. Andrea graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. In addition to working as a comic book artist for Lesser Known Comics, Andrea is a freelance illustrator and designer. The list of clients he worked for include CrazyLabs, Slate Digital, Brass Check, Tierra Bulk Foods, Waterbar SF and many more. If the waves are too good to be working on a new comic or illustration, Andrea can be found at the beach, riding on his surfboard.

Jackie Anne Wiedemeier

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Jackie Anne Wiedemeier is a graphic designer, illustrator, and marketer based in Long Beach, CA. She specializes in brand identity, UX/UI layouts, and print design. Her clients include the Milano Collection, Home by the Seashore, Beach Hillel, Project SPEAKS Inc., Exploring Your Potential, Agency 241, Residence Hall Association, Ocean Palace Wholesale Inc. Jackie's art has been showcased in gallery settings including the Groff Exhibition Art Gallery, Long Beach Civility Gallery, American Marketing Association Art Gala, and the Westview Artist Association. She is currently a proud designer & marketing director at Lesser Known Comics.

Kati Drinkwine

Illustrator & Designer

Kati is a freelance Illustrator + Designer based in Waukesha WI, but originally from New York. With a heavy focus on nurturing her passion and building a client base, she has spent the past 8 years building a reputation as a versatile, communicative illustrator that always steps up to the challenge. Kati is a huge fan of all things fantasy and whimsical, taking huge inspiration from many creative ventures/genres, but most notably: Hayao Miyazaki, Final Fantasy, and How to Draw Deltora Monsters.

Kieran X. Quinn


Kieran X. Quinn is an upstate born and Brooklyn based Artist/Illustrator. Pencil and Ink are his fortes, but the challenge of working with different mediums are what drives him as an artist. His creative prowess has led him to work on many projects from costuming, to model making, and ultimately comic book illustration.

Abel García


Abel is an illustrator and comic book artist residing in Mollet (Spain), he studied courses in artistic illustration and drawing comics in different art schools in Barcelona. After leaving school he devoted himself to other works away from the comics, until in 2009 he decided to change course and devote himself fully to drawing. He has been published in various editorials in Spain, USA and Canada.

Ivette Villa

Social Media Outreach/Marketing

Ivette Villa is an 11 year Army Veteran and mother residing in Southern California. Her career was primarily focused on working with law enforcement and was nationally recognized as a top performer in her career field. After working with Mark Bernal for a period of time and knowing Mark on a personal level, she wholeheartedly accepted a position with Lesser Known Comics as an outreach coordinator to share the virtues and talent of everyone at the company. Away from her professional career, Ivette works with her daughter who is an amateur illustrator and photographer to enrichen her skills.

Brian Burns

Podcast Host

My name is Brian Burns. I have been working in radio for 15 years, and sports radio for the past decade. I’m originally from California, and more specifically the Bay Area. I moved to the east coast a little over a year ago, to take a job at SiriusXM in Washington D.C. I’m thrilled to be a part of this revolution called Lesser Known Comics.

Brian Weber

Website Designer

Brian Weber is a 3D artist and graphic designer living in Los Angeles. After spending a decade working as a cinematographer and video editor, his passion for lighting and post production naturally evolved into full blown 3D art and animation. Throughout his career he’s worked with brands such as Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Engadget, and Fearless Records. He also played in a band with Mark back in high school.
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