I Don't Know Shit About Comics - Ep 1

July 5, 2021

I Don't Know Shit About Comics the Podcast

Just a couple of hooligans with a podcast, who don’t know sh!t about comics! Learn with us, Teach us, or just show up for the party!

IDKSAC Ep 1 - Dildos and Toe Pics

On this episode of I Don't Know Sh!t About Comics, Brian & Ivette try to learn about comics from their three guests but instead, they discuss dildos & toe pics.


-Justin Simmons - Indie Comic Book Publisher - Mind Invader Comics - IG: mind_invader_comix

-Jamaal Harley - Indie Comic Book Creator - Who's B.A.D.? Comic / Royal Oak Comics

-Phil Falco - Indie Comic Creator - The Haunting Comic

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